The changing face of Britain from the 60’s to the present day

britain on the ropes
Britain on the Ropes by Winston Payne

Britain on the Ropes, is a candid account of a West Indian immigrant who found himself on the shores of the British Isles after being sent from St. Lucia in the early 1960’s. He recalls those early days of work, racism and his love of boxing. Winston gives a balanced view not only of his life in the early days, but the hard years which followed, all the way through to the present. For more than 5 decades, he’s seen Britain change, bend, and buckle under social and economic times.

Giving a fresh, balanced and many would say, a truthful description of how Britain is coping with social injustice and the political landscape both in the UK and Europe. Like his father, who he left back in St. Lucia, he too had a rosy coloured view of the country, but what he found on his arrival was very different. He shares with you his experiences through the years, how his love for his new home begins to grow and how his experiences in education, gave him another perspective and how the countries current leap into opening the door to Eastern European migrants has started to change the look and feel of Britain.

For the good? Reading what this book has to say will reveal a surprising answer. When you’ve finished reading this honest account from someone, who was once looking from the outside in, and then being that person on the inside, you’ll get a sense of how Britain is today and a true insight of the different facets of British life. If you’re a reader, who enjoys reading a balance and honest account, who enjoys reliving a journey from a perspective of someone who had one point of view, and then realized that it was very different than originally thought, then this book is for you.

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Britain on the Ropes

About the Author

Winston payne
Winston in his younger days

A big believer in strong communities and fairness regardless of who you are, Winston Payne supports the idea of a multicultural and tolerant country.

He is no stranger to having a good work ethic and being part of the community, having spent many years working for companies such as Howard Brothers, a sawmill in London, the Royal Docks, in the showgang, Burt Spencer Acid Ltd and Peters Engineering. All of which taught him the importance of hard work and being tolerant of others perception of those people who were different.

Drawing on his many years experience of community involvement and several years as an amateur boxer and youth worker, Winston now focuses mainly on connecting with other influential people in London and his building contracting business.

The Book

Britain on the ropes‘I was privileged of reading Winston’s recent book. He truly is a man of many talents. Knowing the author as I do, as a reliable, personable and a highly interesting person, I knew this book would be worth a read. And I was right’.

Tusar SenGupta, Curriculum Coordinator and Lecturer.